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Name:Jessica Drew

Whether I'm playing her 616 or MCU her origin stays prettymuch exactly the same, no tweaking really needed here. Parents were geneticists, father was secretly Hydra, messed with her genetic structure and mixed it with a ton of different deadly venomous spider DNA.

Hydra stormed her parents research station when she was seven. The last thing she saw was her father trying to kill her mother before Hydra put her into suspended animation. She woke up 10 years later, still with the mind of a child, which made her extremely easy for Hydra to manipulate.

It also made it fairly easy enough for Nick Fury to un-manipulate (or re-manipulate) her.

This is where canon can start deviating depending on where/how I'm playing her or who with. SHIELD agent, PI, Avenger- they all work. Whatever suits the thread.

I am VERY open to PB/actress suggestions via PM, I am horrible about that sort of thing.
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